Hi, my name is Ryan. I am an environmentalist, artist, and animator, creating new content for my YouTube channel and books every week.


When I was younger, I loved going to the zoo and developed a strong interest in zoology and animal conservation. I used to spend hours creating animal encyclopedias, animal comic-books, and coloring pages for my siblings.


The way animals survive, interact, and evolve is fascinating to me. From okapis of the African Congo to blue-ringed octopuses of the Pacific, animals across the globe always surprise us with their unique behavior and their importance to the natural world. The goal of Flying Pig is to encourage people to help save these animals through how to draw videos, speed art, and animal animations.


A portion of the ad revenue generated from my YouTube channel will be donated to charity to support wildlife conservation and help protect endangered species.


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To contact me, email me at: coolcoloringpages@gmail.com


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